Tuesday, January 6, 2009

An Exceptional Value

On Christmas eve we scored a windfall by picking up an in store special on crabs legs. They were large sweet and juicy and called for a special wine. I chose the Konzelmann 2006 barrel aged Chardonnay, which is a part of their Winemaster series.
This is a rich wine with hints of the tropics (banana) and vanilla on the nose. The wine comes up with a more traditional vanilla and butter sensation on the early palette but then luscious ice wine like hints of sweetness come to bear on the mid palette and finish that remind you of apple and apricot. The taste is rich throughout.
At 16.50 it's an excellent value in my opinion and a typical example of Herbert Konzelmann's craftsmanship in the wines I have tasted. It is recommended for rich cream sauces, grilled salmon, wild mushroom soup and seafood risotto but we will have it again with shell fish.
My rating 92
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