Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Good One

Finally got around to reviewing this one.
Angels's Gate Sussreserve 2007 Riesling 14.15 at the LCBO
This wine is light gold in colour with a citrus nose and grapefruit hints coming out of the mix. It is sweetened with Riesling juice and makes it suitable by itself or with food.
The wine explodes with the fruit of citrus on the early pallette and then becomes more distinguishable with flavours of lemon and lime in the middle. You then get grapefruit on the late pallette and fininsh with sweet apple. Of course there is enough acidity to make it refreshing.
Personally I would try this with scallops shrimp or crab but I might even take a shot with steak since I am finding that sweeter wines can match with it. (the steak is very much a personal thing but you might consider the other suggestions)
The winemaker recommends it with a light lunch but I think it can match with more than that. My rating 90

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