Monday, November 12, 2012

Introducing Vinotype Harbour

I am going to try an experiment in social media with the introduction of a new community called Vinotype Harbour. The aim is to create a community of Internet wine entities that are diverse and know about the real facts that play in the influence and completion of our wine preferences. Where everyone from new by consumers to veteran experts can express their point of view to those who agree and disagree in an atmosphere of mutual respect, free from pretension unease and coercion.
(an example might be a blog that writes about fruit wines which are sweet and another on Bordeaux Reds) Your site can be personal or have a commercial aspect as long as there is an ongoing educational aspect to it. (as long as it is wine related._
The way it works is that if you sign on, your content will be sent to Vinotype Harbour where the title of your content and a line or two of what its about will show up on the page. Interested viewers will be directed to your blog or site to see your content  This is called push notification, it will push traffic towards your site and hopefully increase your numbers.
The hope is that all who join will put something called an orb on their site (although it is not a requirement). What this does is show the latest content that has been published  by all members and give everyone a chance to get extra traffic.
There is no charge or cost.  Your content can be written, video, audio or photos as long as its wine related. All submissions have to be screened in order to prevent spam, hate, obscenities, and all the other nasty things that can appear. If everything is legit then this is only a rubber stamp.
Here is what it would look like. I have my stuff on there to demonstrate how it works and looks.
If this is of interest to you send me an email at with a link and brief description of your blog or site to see if this is a right fit.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Passing of a County Icon

I was very saddened to hear the news of the passing of Ed Neuser founder of Waupoos Estate Winery. Back in 1998 when reading about the County, Ed's name was one of the first and foremost individuals mentioned that risked his money and efforts to make a go of growing grapes and producing wine in Prince Edward County. I recall visiting the County in 1999 on a Sunday and taking a picture of the Waupoos Winery Pavilion which was in a state of construction. His 2000 chardonnay which was one of his early public offerings is still the best vintage that I have tasted from him even until today. Larry Patterson introduced me to him at a viticulture association meeting in 2004 and he was very gracious when talking to him. He opened a winery restaurant on the grounds  and it proved to be an enjoyable experience when we went for lunch. He sold the venture a few years ago and the new owners have expanded the facilities, however they still operate it in a way where the patron still gets the same enjoyable experience.
I raise my wine glass to him.
Here is an article that goes over some more details of Ed's passing

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let the LCBO Handle it

I applaud the Federal government for freeing up restrictions on Interprovincial sales of wine. It would be really nice to simply go online and order a wine that you discovered and have it sent to you from a winery in another province. The LCBO will still have a final say on how much and what price you will pay for a wine purchased from outside Ontario. Since this is the case, then have the wine delivered to the LCBO branch that is closest to the person that ordered it. In the few cases where distance is a factor, alternate arangements can be made They can add any surcharge necessary to prevent revenue loss (this means to replace lost revenue and not add more than that) and the client can pick it up at their convenience. The LCBO should be compelled not to insist on a minimum order size.