Sunday, June 3, 2012

North Humberland County Winery closes

I received an email from Ruslands Auction and Appraisals advising that there would be an auction at  Oak Heights Estate Winery in North Humberland County. Looking at the details it showed that everything at the winery was up for auction. After some surfing to confirm the implied closing I did find some mention of the closure although there were no details on what lead to it.
I went to this winery back in 2006 and was very impressed with the grounds and and the service that we had experienced. I had actually thought of having lunch thing to see how things are now but that was not to be.
It's sad that this venture didn't last because it takes a lot of courage to spend the big dollars necessary to establish a winery in an area that tradtionally isn't considered favourable for growing grapes. This site has nothing but the utmost respect and support for this and all attempts to start wineres in Ontario.
Who knows, maybe after this auction I might be commenting on a "Rising Phoenix" in North Humberland County. The auction details can found here: