Monday, July 4, 2011

Canada's South Coast Wine Region

I came across this article that states that a study is under way by the  Ontario South coast Wineries and Growers Association  to catalogue the current and potential wine industry activity from London/ St Thomas east towards Brantford  west of Welland.  The ideas is to eventually justify application for it to become another Designated Viticultural Area under the  V.Q.A.
Don't get me wrong I am all for the area to get recognition  but does it have to be called the South Coast.
A coast line of a country denotes an area of  significant size that backs onto a large body of water (and I mean large like an ocean.) When you are are their it can pass visually for a shoreline onto an ocean but it is not. Most of Canada's southern border is land locked and to say this area is a south coast may have some academic accuracy but it practically isn't in my view. ( and saying it backs on to the St Lawrence and the Great lakes doesn't cut it IMO)
I think a name like Erie East North Shore would be more appropriate or how about making this area part of an expanded Lake Erie North Shore region.
The article is interesting anyway. If you want to read it click the title of this entry

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