Sunday, July 25, 2010

Whats the problem

I have been reading about the controversy of the Shake off the City campaign by the Niagara Parks Commission. A lot of people in Toronto are offended by how the city is being portrayed. All I can say is so what. Toronto has had campaigns of its own extolling the virtues of the city and all the things that were portrayed in the Niagara commercials still existed. Any area of urban concentration has imperfections.
People still visit Toronto. The ads were engaged in a term called puffery. The wikipedia defines it "as a legal term to promotional statements and claims that express subjective rather than objective views, such that no reasonable person would take them literally.[1] Puffery serves to "puff up" an exaggerated image of what is being described."
The ads were portraying things that conjure up an image of wanting to get away and of where you can get away to. This is done all the time in advertising. They are trying to attract tourist to their region. People aren't going to boycott Toronto because of these ads. If anyone makes a judgment of Toronto strictly based on these ads you would not want them to visit any ways.
Having been to Niagara many times I could say that the ads are false, for example the two people sipping wine at a picnic table in the vineyard in the wine 101 ad. The reality is that you would have a very tough time finding a winery that would let you do that if you were just visiting off the street. I know however that this is just an exageration to emphasize a feeling romanticism that is associated with this kind of activity. It is shown to entice someone that is into that kind of thing to visit the wineries of the region. People aren't going to be disappointed when they find they can't do this in most vineyards. Reasonable people would know this.
Click the title of this entry to view the ads. Lighten up, enjoy them and if you are so inclined visit the Niagara wineries.

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