Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our visit to Applewood Farm Winery Markham Ontario

Several weeks ago we took a trip to Applewood winery in Markham to taste some wine and to shoot some footage.
The host was very friendly and professional and made suggestions on wines we might like to try.
The two that struck my interest were the Proprietor's Reserve as well as the Mac Meade.
The Proprietors Reserve (Price: $14.95 / 750ml) is described as the biggest of their wines "Elderberries, Wild Blueberries and Strawberries. Huge fruit nose, Huge mid palate, lingers with plenty of vanilla in the finish. Great with big beef". I would describe the wine as very Merlot like or a Cabernet that has aged and the tannins have gone. I found an elegance about it that I don't normally see in fruit wines and would agree it can go with beef but I wouldn't hesitate to try it with chicken or fish if it is properly spiced. My score 89
My wife normally doesn't like Mead and expressed that to the host but he challenged her to try the Mac Meade. When she tried it she gave the sample to me. I immediately liked it.
The Mac Meade (Price: $12.95 / 750ml) as described on their website "a sparkling wine made of Macintosh apples and honey. Crisp sweet apples and notes of honey are the perfect match to baked brie and roasted garlic." I would characterise it as a perfect fusion of honey apple and acidity perfectly balanced that gives a taste experience that exceeds the sum of it's parts. The only thing I can fault if for is that I wish that it had more bubbles but that is not a reason not to recommend this. I would try it with pork tenderloin My score 89
If you want to see the video go to the Wine Dining Vlog (the link is on the side ). The Applewood website can be reached by clicking the title of this entry

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